There is nothing worse than a referee deciding the outcome of a match, let alone a game on the world’s biggest stage. What just happened between the U.S. and Slovenia was a disgrace to the game, and the effort the U.S. team exerted in the second half.

The feeling of being down two goals, to have Landon Donovan single handedly put the team back in the game with a goal seconds into the 2nd half was exhilarating. Bradley’s tying goal was all the more uplifting. To come back from that deficit only to take the lead with minutes left, and then have that goal reversed is nothing short of a travesty for the game, the U.S. team and U.S. soccer as a whole. So what can be done about it? (goal is at :22 seconds)

Well for one, the Referee Koman Coulibaly should be investigated for corruption, because he has to be on the take.  Either that or he hates the U.S. and should have never been refereeing this game in the first place. Eric Wynalda agrees:

Minutes after the game ended, some U.S. fan had already taken to vandalizing his Wikipedia page, which has sense been edited:

“Coulibaly is rumored to hate the United States of America with the burning passion of a white hot sun.”

In my opinion, Ref’s blowing calls is as old as the game itself, and it isn’t going to change. At the least, FIFA should consider video replay for goal scoring plays, similar to the rule instituted by Major League Baseball for home runs. It is a slippery slope to add video replay, but if it means the right team wins the game, I am all for it. What do you think?