Throw-ins may seem like a small part of the game, but they can make a huge difference in the final outcome. With that said, there are two points I like to make with my players that go beyond the basic technique of a throw in and into the strategy of the game.

The first point is that a quick throw-in can lead to a great scoring opportunity. Especially in the offensive third in the field, try to get the ball into play quickly and try to catch the defense on their heels. Since there is no off-sides on a throw in, a quick thinking thrower with a player making a run into the open space behind the defense can often result in a great scoring opportunity. As far as coaching points, remind your players to take quick throws when the defense is not in position, and that there is no off-sides.

My other “secret” is related to those times when the ball goes out of play, and it is not clear who touched it last. Tell your players to always pretend like the other team touched it last. You do this by reacting quickly, going for the ball and throwing it in, even if the Referee hasn’t made his call yet. Before you give him a chance to call it the other way, pick it up and throw it in. If you act like the ball is yours and the Ref is not sure, your reaction might sway his decision. One word of caution however, sometimes you can over do it, or if the Ref is on to you it won’t work. In my playing days, I received two yellow cards for making this play, but making it benefited me on multiple occasions.