The game revolves around the ball, and teams that pass well are usually dominant. Here are a few general passing concepts you can drive home with your players at your next soccer practice.

Eye contact- As you look to pass or even receive a pass, keep your head up, and your eyes on your teammates. Realize where the defenders are, and look for space for which to exploit. A lot can be said between teammates through body language that could not be said with words. Full awareness.  For some reason, an image of Carlos Valderrama looking around, scanning the field just popped into my head.

Check to the ball- When you are being passed to, check to the ball. Being stationary and waiting for the ball to come to you is not acceptable come game time, so don’t let them do it at practice, either.

Run drills that enforce the concept in practice, and drill the point home with your players.

Lead the receiver- Soccer players are always moving. When you make a pass, you pass to where the man is going, not where he has been. If you can’t lead someone with a pass because there is too little space, another option may be best. Don’t force passes, sometimes holding the ball or making a back pass is the right answer. Possession and high percentage passes is what we are after.

3 simple ideas that will translate to big results if you can get your players to implement them at practice time. Here is a drill from Coerver coaching that emphasizes all three: