I like to devote an entire practice to finishing drills every once in awhile. Giving players ample chances to work on finishing will give them a chance to fine tune their abilities.

Here are some tips you should consider before doing shooting drills at your next practice:

1.Your team should always stretch at the beginning of practice following a light jog or warm up. With shooting drills, stetching is even more important since players frequently fully extent their legs and strike the ball with authority.

2. Have players shooting from both sides of the goal, working opposite feet. Staggering the action will get everyone more touches and time with the ball.

3. Make shooting a competition: Shooting drills mean some standing around. Split the team into two groups and host competition with timed rounds. Have the non shooting team shag balls, and keep the rounds short. This format will keep players moving, trying to take as many shots as possible quickly, stimulating pressure in a game-like situation. Run 6-10 different shooting drills with a couple rounds each. This also gives you a good chance to work out your keepers.

4. If you can, try to get some goals with nets to make the drills more realistic and fun for your players.