Passing and receiving is an art, and the foundation of the game. One thing is for sure, you want passing drills to be a vital part of your practice regimen so you better have a vast supply to draw from. Here is a passing  drill to run with your team at your next soccer practice.

Flat Overlaps

This drill requires groups of 3, extra players can be combined into groups of 4. Make sure you rotate the position of A every minute or so. If you find this drill is too difficult for your team, you can start by playing 2 touch, before progressing into 1 touch.

Step 1: B plays the Ball to A. B makes an overlapping run around A.
Step 2: A plays a flat pass to the opposite side.
Step 3: B plays a one touch pass to C, and goes to the back of the line.
Step 4: C plays a one touch pass to A, repeat

Coaching Points

-Head up: Keep your head up as you pass and receive
-Check to the ball: Don’t let the ball come to you, meet it half way.
-Instep: Use the instep for the most control.

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