Off Season Soccer Strength and Conditioning Program – 5 Key Elements

It is important after a demanding soccer season, regardless if it is an eight or ten month schedule for soccer players to take at least seven to ten days break form intense activity. Failure to do so will result in burn out.

Both male and female soccer players need their bodies to recover from a demanding soccer schedule. Otherwise, as previously mentioned, burn out will occur from both an emotional and physical level. Injuries are very likely to occur.

Once these youth soccer players have taken time off for relaxation it is now time for them to prepare for the next soccer season.

Some young soccer players choose to play in off season indoor leagues, others play in futsol leagues and some do nothing at all.

As an Athletic Therapist that deals with assessment and rehabilitation of soccer injuries, I strongly recommend an off season strength and conditioning program for soccer players to participate in.

An off season soccer strength and conditioning program prepares soccer players for a long grueling season.

If this is the route you choose, you need to look for the following things in your off season soccer training program.

1) The program must include exercises for injury prevention

2) The exercises should focus on “functional” movements that imitate or mimic the actions that occur on the soccer field.

3) Machine based exercises should be avoided.

4) There should be a focus on single leg exercises.

5) Soccer fitness should be in the form of bursts with recovery and sprints.

6) There should be a plyometric (jump training) program for soccer speed and soccer power

7) There should be flexibility in the program so that the player may make adjustments according to their individual needs.

Keep these factors in mind when you are searching for an off season soccer strength and conditioning program.

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