Love it or hate it, soccer is here to stay! Whilst some may dismiss it as a lesser version of football, did you know that it actually came first? Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and if you have not already got involved, then you really should consider it! Whether having a kickabout with friends, watching on the box, or placing a bet on soccer at William Hill Canada– soccer is a great game!

For those of you that remain somewhat unconvinced, luckily we are here to give you the lowdown on the ins and outs of the game so you can bet away to yours hearts content- fully knowing what is going on. Read on to find out more…

  1. The history of soccer is over 100 years old although there are similar games that involve two teams kicking balls about, even more far back than that. The earliest version of the game is said to originate in China and was a part of military training in the third century! Another rumour is that thieves in prisons often had their hands cut off as punishment and they needed a game they could play that did not involve hands. However it started, it is now a universally popular game played and enjoyed in every continent in the world.
  2. Did you know that over 240 million people play football regularly across the world? That is approximately 1 in 8 people worldwide and makes it the most popular and widespread game on the planet.
  3. Whilst there were always different kinds of rules and regulations governing the sport, it was FIFA in 1891 that first introduced the concept of penalty kicks! Red and yellow cards were then invented by the 1970 World Cup and more recently, tackles from behind have become red-card penalties as of 1998.
  4. Some of the most highly regarded players in the world include Pele from Brazil, Lev Yashin from Russia, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs from the UK, and Ronaldo from Portugal. Other favorites include Zidane, Maradona, Platini, Messi, and Roberto Baggio who are frequent names on top player lists!
  5. Some of the most amazing soccer stadiums in the world include Nou Camp in Barcelona (the biggest in Europe), the Louis II in Monte Carlo, and the International Stadium Yokohama in Japan.
  6. The oldest football ever found was found behind a stone wall in Stirling Castle, Scotland. Dating from the fifteenth century it is the only example of its type to ever be found!

So there you go, a nice roundup of some wonderful facts about the best game in the world! Remember to keep these in your memory bank and bring them out to impress your buddies next time you are watching the game, or even placing a bet on your favorite team or player!  Don’t forget that you have to be in it to win it, and with any luck, you could be winning some fantastic prizes!