Soccer is one of the oldest sports around. It has been played in some form or another for hundreds of years and is one that has picked up many odd rules and ideas around it. There are so many interesting and odd things about soccer that make people love it so much. It is a sport that has been chopped and changed in terms of the rules for a very long time. It is a sport that has had real fixed periods of development where ideas rise and fall and styles come up and are then conquered before adapting.

This is what makes it such a popular sport for a myriad of people. It is beloved, for example, by people who like to bet on sport because it is very low scoring, which can lead to upsets. If you put an NBA team up against an NBA D league team, it’s pretty obvious who would win. However in soccer, Man City, the all conquering English side racing to the Premier League title, lost to League One Wigan. One goal is all a small team needs and betters love that, because it can give them great odds on upsets and a great chance of them happening. It’s why so many people turn to Sbat betting tips to help them wade through all the great options for betting on soccer. It is essential to know what you are doing as there are so many amazing ways to have a flutter on football.

It is because of these weird moments and strange shocks that people watch football. In US sports you don’t really get people following round small clubs in the hope that someday they will get a huge win. Thousands of Plymouth fans, for example, travel tens of thousands of miles to see their team play hoping one day they can score an upset. Here are some of the best examples of famous upsets, of magical moments which can make you fall in love with soccer all over again.

Hereford United 2-1 Newcastle United (1972)

At the time, Newcastle were one of the biggest clubs in England, and they took on Hereford, a side very far below them in the football pyramid. Newcastle were, of course, massive favourites and seemed likely to romp home to victory on the muddy and tough pitch in Hereford. However the home side made it so tough for them that Newcastle could just never get going and a superb Ronnie Radford goal won the game and gave Hereford a victory that is still talked about as part of FA Cup folklore.

Wimbledon 1-0 Liverpool (1988)

Liverpool are a giant club and have been for a long time. Back in 1988 though, they were even bigger, they were one of the best sides in the world and were winning trophies left right and centre. Wimbledon were massive underdogs in this FA Cup final but they made it into a physical battle which they managed to win. A headed goal gave them a famous cup win that is still one of the great FA Cup final shocks.