Placing online sports bets has gained plenty of popularity over the past one decade and has emerged as the most preferred way of betting for both the new as well as seasoned punters.

Most sports bettors focus their energies solely on selecting the right sport and team, however, selecting the right website or online bookmaker is equally important. You can place football bets on several different websites and get the best football betting tips, offers & predictions at the click of the mouse button these days.

Let’s take you over some critical factors you must keep in mind while selecting the right website for your online football betting needs.

Go through the reviews

Make sure that you have read up enough about the concerned online bookmaker before placing any bets with it. Majority of such information can be accessed easily on the Internet, allowing you to shortlist websites with great ease.


Try opening the concerned website at different times of the day, more frequently during the peak football betting hours. You should particularly observe the speed at which the site loads and if it is easy to navigate through, without any major hassles.

Customer service

Efficient customer service is one the most important factors in the success of any online business. The online bookmaker should offer prompt and reliable customer service. This can be tested by sending a test email to them, starting their live chat service or simply calling them. Raise some general questions and see how quickly they get back with a response. You can easily shortlist portals that are prompt and responsible in their answers.

Welcome bonus matters but isn’t everything

A good number of online bookmakers offer attractive welcome bonuses to new customers these days. Some of them in fact go up to as high as 100% to 200% match-up bonuses. A good number of such websites may not be reliable enough to place your football bets with. The trustworthy ones usually offer reasonable welcome bonuses and don’t make too-good-to-be-true promises.

Betting preferences

Almost every reputed online bookmaker offers the basic bet types including totals, straights, parlays and more. However, some of them go a step ahead and provide riskier bets such as half-time lines, quarter lines and teasers. Many even offer live betting selections these days. You can easily distinguish between the good and ok bookmakers when it comes to the prop bets.

Ease of adding funds

Normally majority of people deposit funds into their online betting accounts using their credit cards. However, some online bookmakers might not be too receptive of credit cards issued by certain companies. While all of the online bookies accept Visa, some of them may not be welcoming enough of the MasterCard and American Express cards. Your preferred online bookmaker should be flexible about different payment and card options.

Mobile bets

The present-day smart phone generation likes to stay connected round-the-clock, even when they’re on the move. Make sure that the online sports betting website you go with offers flexible mobile betting options. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any additional clauses related to the bets placed over the phone.