This story is hilarious! David Beckham was attending his son young son Romeo’s soccer game, when one of the players on his team fouled an opposing player, and was sent off! When Beckham put up an argument to the ref about the red card for the young player being a little excessive, he was then shown the card, and kicked out!

Without being at the game to witness it, it is tough to weigh in on the situation, but can you imagine being the youth soccer ref that had the nerve to red card David Beckham! One thing for sure, David Beckham’s publicist is very happy. On a side note, I’m glad that Romeo Beckham, famous parents and all, got to experience one of youth sports ugliest moments: The Parent Ejection.

I’ll never forget when my own father got kicked out of my brothers baseball game for telling the umpire (who happened to be on the board of the little league) he made a “chicken $&% call.” If it ever happens to you, just make sure you leave the field without putting up a sense, just like Mr. Beckham.