Every team goes through funks where scoring a goal becomes nearly impossible. When your team is in such a place, it is important to maximize the opportunities you do get to put the ball into the back of the net.

During the season, finishing skills will make all the difference between good scoring chances and goals. There is nothing worse than when your team is having scoring issues then wasting the chances you do get. Spend time at practice teaching your players the finer points of shooting (keeping it on frame, toe and head down. Over time, solid fundamentals will eventually translate to goals

During those stretches where your team can’t seem to score goals, encourage your players to take more shots, and to shoot from further away. Eventually, one will sneak past the keeper so long as your players keep firing away. Coach them to take advantage of every opening they get to fire a shot! After all, you can’t score if you don’t shoot!

Stoppages and restarts, such as free kicks or throw-ins are another great opportunity to catch the defense off guard and create a good scoring chance. The same can be said for a quick counter-attack following a turnover. Teach your team to act quickly and realize when they get an opportunity. Take shots and exploit the defense when it is at it’s weakest. The goals will eventually follow.